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Free or low rate calls with PHYTTER and ON THE GO anytime, anywhere!

ON THE GO is a revolutionary communication tool that helps you save money for international calls from landlines or cellphones. It comes as a standard option with PHYTTER.

Easy to use!

No special codes or user ID are required, just your regular phone.
Simply dial the access number to make a call.
To make speed dial calls, just dial “#**”

Usage Fee

The calling rates are the same as PHYTTER and is the best rate in the market.

  • You can use ON THE GO with any landline or cell phone. Please make sure your number is not blocked when you call the access number. If it is blocked please contact your phone company for assistance.
  • You will be charged by your phone company for calls to [ON THE GO]’s access number.
  • Want more savings? Ask your phone company for discounts on frequently called numbers.
  • PHYTTER requires: an internet connection (at least 150kpbs), headsets, and a webcam if using the video phone feature.(Please note that the audio and video quality may vary depending on your internet connection speed.)
  • You cannot make emergency calls such as 911 by PHYTTER. For your safety, please make sure to have a communication device other than PHYTTER for emergency calls.