The online storage service for data management

Sharing data without any stress by a seamless connection between clients is possible with PHYTTER DOCK.

Access from anywhere

  • Able to use at home, office, and anywhere.
  • Login to website and upload/download data on your PC

Accessible via multiple devices

For details on PHYTTER DOCK, please check the special site below.

  • To use, internet access through Wi-Fi or 3G line is required. If you deal with a vast amount of data via 3G line, it is mandatory to use a flat-rate system of packet communication. Therefore, "free" in this context means "free based on flat-rate system."
  • PHYTTER requires: an internet connection (at least 150kpbs), headsets, and a webcam if using the video phone feature.(Please note that the audio and video quality may vary depending on your internet connection speed.)
  • You cannot make emergency calls such as 911 by PHYTTER. For your safety, please make sure to have a communication device other than PHYTTER for emergency calls.