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PHYTTER CONFERENCE - It is a phone conference from anywhere you want.

Make a reservation in advance from the PHYTTER website. After you call on the designated time and enter your designated conference number, PHYTTER CONFERENCE starts.


  • Outstanding quality dedicated conference line is being used for PHYTTER CONFERENCE.
  • You can join from your home phone, cellular and PHYTTER.
  • Not only for members, but also visiters can participate from cell and landline phones. In that case, you are charged for domestic calls only. There is no PHYTTER point change.


  • PHYTTER Points will be charged to the HOST account.
  • 最小3人から最高10人まで参加可能。
  • One PHYTTER CONFERENCE can be held between 30 minutes(shortest) and 300 minutes(longest).
  • Reservable from 7 days to 10 minutes in advance.
  • The host of the conference is responsible to pay for usage fee of all participants.
  • Please note that the call charge to the access point comes from your subscribed phone company.
  • Please note that the cancellation fee of reservation cannot be charged.
  • PHYTTER requires: an internet connection (at least 150kpbs), headsets, and a webcam if using the video phone feature.(Please note that the audio and video quality may vary depending on your internet connection speed.)
  • You cannot make emergency calls such as 911 by PHYTTER. For your safety, please make sure to have a communication device other than PHYTTER for emergency calls.