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Get your own phone numbers for PHYTTER with the CALL ME service!

“CALL ME” is an optional service that allocates a phone number to your PHYTTER account.

is a service that allocates a phone number to your PHYTTER account.

You can directly call PHYTTER from landlines and cellphones!
Caller ID number display is available when calls are made from PHYTTER to landlines.

CALL ME Usage Rates

CALL ME is a paid optional service. After logging in, please read the CALL ME usage method page and then purchase your CALL ME number on the purchase page.

  • CALLME03 : $70.00 / 6 month for every number.

Countries where the CALL ME Service is available

At the moment, numbers are allocated in the following manner.

  • Japan : CALL ME 03 (03-××××-××××)
  • If you have a CALL ME number for the country you are calling to, the phone number of that country is automatically displayed when calling that country.
  • If you call a country other than those mentioned above, the number will be withheld.
  • If you have multiple CALL ME numbers with the same country code, you can pick up one number to use as a caller ID in Number Selector.
  • In order to maintain your CALL ME number, please make the basic rate payment before the expiration date. If the payment is not made, the number will be deleted. Please note that once a number has been deleted, it is not possible to obtain the same number again, even if a repeat application is made.
  • PHYTTER requires: an internet connection (at least 150kpbs), headsets, and a webcam if using the video phone feature.(Please note that the audio and video quality may vary depending on your internet connection speed.)
  • You cannot make emergency calls such as 911 by PHYTTER. For your safety, please make sure to have a communication device other than PHYTTER for emergency calls.
  • CALLME and FAXME is Japan only service