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On this web page, frequently asked questions are listed. If there are any concerns or questions, please read this before contacting us to see if you can find answers here.

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When I call a User ID, I hear a message that says, “Your call cannot be completed as dialed. The remote party is currently offline or call forwarding is not set yet.”

If you hear the message above when calling User ID or CALL ME number, it is possible that:

--PHYTTER softphone or iPhytter of the remote peer is offline, and call forwarding is not set.

--There is no internet connection and call forwarding is not set.

Please make sure the account used in PHYTTER softphone and iPhytter is active (online).

What are iPhytter's calling rates?

The rates are the same as PHYTTER softphone.

--Free call

SIP calls between iPhytter, and among iPhytter and PHYTTER softphone.

--Paid call

The call is charged depending on the destination as shown in the rate table. For more details, please check the [Rate Table].

How can I use iPhytter on an iPod touch?

To use iPhytter with iPod touch, please use convertible headset with microphone.

Is iPhytter usable only in Wi-Fi networks?

You can use iPhytter both in Wi-Fi and 3G networks.

What will be my caller ID? Anonymous?

If you prefer to have a Caller ID, please purchase CALL ME number as an optional service. If you do not have CALL ME number, you have no Caller ID. You appear to your remote peer as a random number, unknown number, or anonymous.

How can I check my remaining points?

Go to [Settings] --> [Account] --> within Enabled Account, tap [>] button to check the status

and remaining points of that user ID.

I don’t have a PHYTTER account. How can I get one?

To register for a new account from iPhytter:

1) iPhytter's[Settings] > [Account] > Tap [PHYTTER] from "Select VoIP Provider" screen.

2) Register new account from "PHYTTER" screen.

To register new account from PHYTTER official site, click [Sign Up] in the web site.

Can I join the PHYTTER CONFERENCE from iPhytter?

Yes. Dial [0000] or [conf], just like PHYTTER softphone.

Can I add a CALL ME number to iPhytter, just like PHYTTER?

CALLME and FAXME is Japan only service

Yes. If you purchase the CALL ME number (an optional service), you can use it with your account.

Can I use my PHYTTER account on iPhytter?

PHYTTER points are transferrable. You can easily use your PHYTTER points on iPhytter.

Do you charge any monthly fees to use iPhytter?

To use iPhytter, please purchase the iPhytter application and download it to your client.

Android Edition is available from Play store. iPhone Edition is available from App Store.

For first time downloads, the iPhytter application price will cost as a download fee.

I can see messages such as “License Error” and “Failed License Authentication” and I cannot activate my account. What should I do?

Uninstall iPhytter from your device.

Reinstall iPhytter from Google Play store’s my app.

Start iPhytter and set up your account again.