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On this web page, frequently asked questions are listed. If there are any concerns or questions, please read this before contacting us to see if you can find answers here.

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How many pages can I send at a time?

You can fax a maximum number of 15 pages at a time. Please note that any page numbers over 15 will not be sent.

Can I send a FAX to multiple destinations at the same time?

You may only send a FAX to one destination at a time.

Is there any capacity limitation for sending files?

Maximum capacity is set to 2MB.

Can I send a FAX internationally?

Yes, you can send faxes all over the world.

To do so, please add the country code before entering the FAX number.

※If the area code starts with 0, please remove the zero. (There are some exceptions).

Can I change the header shown on the top of the FAX?

No, you cannot. The header is fixed as blank for all transmissions.

Can I send several different file types at a time?

Yes. If the file type is supported by iPhytter FAX, you can send up to five different types of files at a time.

Is there any sheet size limitation to send a FAX?

There is no sheet size limitation, but our server automatically adjusts to A4 (almost

identical to letter size) upon transmission. Thus, A3 will be contracted to A4, and A5 will be

enlarged to A4.

How much does it cost to send FAX?

For fee details, please go to the below URL. The same fee will cost for PHYTTER FAX.

Can I send a colored FAX?

Currently the system does not support colored FAXes. Colored files will appear as black and white.

Is it possible to create different form letters for each receiver when sending FAX to multiple destinations at a time?

Only one form letter can be attached per transmission due to the system of iPhytter FAX. You cannot change the contents of form letters for each destination.

Can I FAX to super G3 or G4?

iPhytter FAX uses GS (transmission standards).

Super G3 or G4 FAX machine will be received as G3 even though the sender is G3.

Please note that there are times that the transmission fails depending on the compatibility of FAX machine.

Can I send a test FAX?

Yes. Please send FAX document to "test." You will receive the document as it appears to the recipient through th email

address specified in FAX form.

Please make sure that you enter the email address.

How can I install iPhytter?

For details on how to install iPhytter FAX, please go to below URL.

Android Edition

iPhone Edition

Can I send a FAX to one of my Android or iPhone contacts?

To send a FAX to one of your Android or iPhone contacts, please make use of the "country code settings" feature.

Once this setting is enabled, a country code will automatically be attached to the FAX number even if it does not originally have a country code. Application will automatically add, replace or delete country code according to the set rule.

As a default, country code settings for Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the United States are automatically set.

Above settings are available from iOS4.0 or later.

For details, please go to below URL from your smartphone.

Android Edition

iPhone Edition

Is iPhytter FAX usable only in Wi-Fi networks?

You can use iPhytter FAX both in Wi-Fi and 3G networks.

I do not have a PHYTTER account. How can I make a new account?

Please sign up for a new account from the PHYTTER official website.

Can I use my PHYTTER account on iPhytter FAX?

PHYTTER points are transferrable. You can easily use your PHYTTER points on iPhytter FAX.

Is there any monthly charge to use iPhytter FAX?

There is no charge other than a packet fee when sending documents.

If you are a FAX ME holder, you will be charged $70/6months~ per number.

How can I purchase a FAX ME number?

CALLME and FAXME is Japan only service

To purchase from Desktop client, please go to below URL.

To purchase from iPhone iPad or Android phone, please go to below URL.

Can I choose my preferred FAX number?

Yes, you can select your FAX number from the list of available numbers.

How can I maintain my FAX ME number?

CALLME and FAXME is Japan only service

To maintain the same FAX ME number, you need to pay for the basic rate before the expiration date.

Your FAX ME number is immediately inactive upon expiration.

Within a month from the expiration date, you can reactivate and retrieve the same FAX ME number.

Can I receive a colored FAX?

iPhytter FAX does not support colored fax documents.

Colored files will appear as black and white.

Can I have multiple FAX ME numbers?

Yes, you can have multiple FAX ME numbers.

I received a TIF file instead of a PDF file. Why?

The mechanism of FAX ME is that the server receives FAX data as a TIF file, converts TIF to a PDF file, and turns it into an email attachment.

When the file conversion fails in any way, the FAX data may be sent as a TIF file.

I received a sent result report via email. It says "Could not send FAX."

If the sent data included password, special strings or functionality, transmission may fail. In that case, please remove

password, special strings or functionality and try again.

“Open as iPhytterFAX” is not displayed.

This may be attributed to iOS5's specification of displaying only a maximum of nine applications. To resolve this, please update to iOS6

or delete the application corresponding to OpenIn.

When I tap the app icon on iPhone's Home screen, it terminates right away.

Method1: Reinstall application.


1) Start iTunes and go to menu > Store > click [Deauthorize This Computer]

2) Sync with iPhone

  • An alert which tells user to delete all applications is displayed. Click x to cancel it.

3) iTunes's menu > Store > click [Authorize This Computer]

4) Re-sync with iPhone