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On this web page, frequently asked questions are listed. If there are any concerns or questions, please read this before contacting us to see if you can find answers here.


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How many pages can I send at a time?

The maximum number of pages you can fax at a time via PHYTTER FAX is 15, including a form letter and files altogether. Please note that any pages over 15 will not be sent.

Can I send a FAX to multiple destinations at the same time?

You can send up to five different destinations at the same time.

Go to “FAX”--“Sending FAX”--“Receiver’s FAX number” and you can enter multiple FAX numbers.

Is there any capacity limitation for sending files?

Maximum capacity is set to 2MB.

Can I send a FAX internationally?

Yes, you can send faxes all over the world.

To do so, please add the country code before entering the FAX number.

※If the area code starts with 0, please remove the zero. (There are some exceptions).

Can I change the header of the FAX?

No, you cannot. The header is fixed as blank for all transmissions.

Can I send several different file types at a time?

Yes. If the file type is supported by iPhytter FAX, you can send up to five different types of files at a time.

Is there any sheet size limitation to send a FAX?

There is no sheet size limitation, but our server automatically adjusts to A4 (almost identical to letter size) upon transmission. Thus, A3 will be contracted to A4, and A5 will be enlarged to A4.

How can I confirm that my fax was sent out?

You will receive a transmission result notification in your registered e-mail address inbox.

Please understand that this e-mail does not guarantee the completion of transmission.

We suggest confirming by phone or other ways to the destination when sending some important documents.

How much does it cost to send FAX?

Please check the “Cost” page in the PHYTTER official site.

There was no “transmission complete” e-mail after sending a FAX.

You will not receive an e-mail from "," under the following conditions.

●The e-mail address you registered is wrong
Please check the e-mail address you registered.
●The e-mail goes to junk box
It may be categorized as junk mail depending on the providers or security software you are using. Please check the junk box as well as environment of your computer.

If neither condition applies, PHYTTER system may be clogged. Please check the PHYTTER official website, “News & Topics”

Can I send a colored FAX?

Currently the system does not support colored FAX.

It will appear as black and white FAX documents even though you sent a colored file.

I sent text file and it became garbled.

The system only supports “UTF-8” code as a text file (txt). If you use code other than “UTF-8”, it can become garbled.

Please use “UTF-8” code to send text file.

In what order are documents sent?

Documents are sent from the top of the file to the bottom.

Is it possible to create different form letters for each receiver when sending FAX to multiple destinations at a time?

Only one form letter can be attached per transmission due to the system of PHYTTER FAX. You cannot change the contents of a form letter for each destination.

I cannot send graphic files.

The maximum pixel that can be sent is up to 3600 pixels, height/length combined.

If the file exceeds the size above, it will not be sent. Please check the size and try again.

I received an e-mail saying “failed to send”

Error notifications are sent to registered e-mail address when the FAX is not sent properly.

If you receive that e-mail, your FAX may not have been sent. Please try sending it again.

Can I send faxes to 800 numbers?

This system is not capable of sending faxes to 800/900 numbers. Thank you for your understanding.

There are many “transmission complete” mails sent to me.

A transmission result notification is sent for each FAX number. If you send a FAX to 5 different numbers, you will receive 5 notification e-mails.

Can I FAX to super G3 or G4?

PHYTTER FAX uses GS (transmission standards).

Super G3 or G4 FAX machine will receive as G3 even though the sender is G3.

Please note that sometimes the transmission fails depending on the compatibility of the FAX machine.

Can I send a test document before I actually fax?

Yes. Please send FAX document to "test." You will receive the sent document to the e-mail address specified in FAX form.

Please make sure that you enter the e-mail address correctly. Otherwise you will not receive the result.

Where can I purchase a FAX ME number?

CALLME and FAXME is Japan only service

Please read “FAX—User’s Guide” then go to the “Purchase FAX ME number” page to purchase.

Can I choose my preferred FAX number?

Yes, you can select your FAX number from the list of available numbers.

Please explain how to set up receiving FAX documents.

Go to FAX—reception settings, then register the e-mail address that you intend to receive FAX

documents with.

By doing so, the document faxed to your number will be sent to that e-mail address.

How can I maintain my FAX ME number?

CALLME and FAXME is Japan only service

To maintain the same FAX ME number, you need to pay for the basic rate before it expires.

When it expires, your FAX ME number becomes immediately inactive.

Only within a month from the expiration date, you can reactivate and acquire the same FAX ME

number. You will be unable to acquire the same number after that period.

What is the sheet size limitation?

There is no sheet size limitation.

Can I receive colored FAX?

No. PHYTTER FAX does not support colored FAX.

Even if you send a colored document, it will be received as black and white.

Can I have multiple FAX ME numbers?

Yes, you can have multiple FAX ME numbers.

I received a TIF file, not a PDF file. Why?

The mechanism of FAX ME is that the server receives FAX data as TIF file, converts TIF to PDF

file, and makes it an e-mail attachment.

If the file conversion fails, the FAX data may be sent as TIF file. Thank you

for your understanding.