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On this web page, frequently asked questions are listed. If there are any concerns or questions, please read this before contacting us to see if you can find answers here.


What is PHYTTER Conference?

It is a high-quality phone conference system, which is usable from PHYTTER and regular phones, landlines and cellphones.

Where can I find instructions on how to use the conference?

Please check the "Conference" - Users' guide.

Is the conference function available for people without PHYTTER?

The conference function is available for anyone as long as it is within the reserved number of participants.

Can I start a conference right away?

Yes, if it is the reserved time for the conference.

When can I reserve a conference?

You can make a reservation for a conference seven days before the planned date. The latest reservation is 10 minutes before the start time.

Please note that a reservation made within 3 hours before it starts cannot be canceled.

I cannot select the starting time because it is grayed and locked.

The conference line has a limit. If all the lines are reserved or used, you may not be able to select your preferred time.

Also, we reset the PHYTTER system at 12 a.m. PST due to maintenance.

Therefore, you can't select the period crossing that maintenance time.

How many people can attend the conference?

You can reserve a minimum of three to a maximum of twenty participants.

How many hours can I reserve for the Conference?

You can specify the length of the conference from 10 to 300 minutes, in units of ten minutes.

Can I cancel my conference reservation?

You can cancel your conference reservation three hours or more prior to the conference.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my conference reservation?

If it is more than three hours before the conference start time, you can cancel and receive a refund.

If it is within three hours before the conference start time, you cannot cancel or receive a refund.

How can I cancel my conference reservation?

To cancel your conference reservation, please go to "Conference" - "Conference list" - "ConferenceID."

Can I extend the length of the conference?

Yes, you can. However, you cannot do so if someone else has been already reserved within the time of your extension.

Can I change the conference start time and number of participants?

It depends on the condition of the conference. Please see below.

The conference is in session.

This is the conference currently in session. You can only extend the conference length and add participants.

The conference is fixed.

This is when the conference is starting within three hours. You cannot cancel this reservation.

You can only extend the conference duration and add participants.

The conference is reserved.

You can change anything except the conference date. If you need to change the date, please cancel the conference itself and then reserve it again.

What is the fee to hold a conference?

The host of the conference will be charged based on the following formula: "number of participants * 10 minutes / 10 points."

e.g.) When holding with three participants for 30 minutes

10 points * 3 (unit of 10 minutes) * 3 (participants) = 90

The total charge will be 90 points.

What is the call charge if joining the conference from regular phones (cellphones and landlines)?

You will have to pay for the cost of calling the access point.

That cost varies depending on the agreement you have with your phone company.

When participating in the Conference, I can't hear well due to the static noises. Is there anything I can do?

Some PHYTTER participants may have background static noise.
Please set up PHYTTER with the following reference.

Verification method
Every PHYTTER participant mutes the microphone one by one, to see who has static noises.

Troubleshooting process
Please follow the instructions below for the static noises
1) Right click on PHYTTER main display
2) Click "Option"
3) On "Option" window, click on "Device"
4) When the "Device" window is open, set up the following:

Speaker device: select the currently used speaker
Microphone device: select the currently used microphone
Use auto-echo canceller (AEC): checkmark on
Use auto-gain control (AGC): checkmark off
Use noise reduction: checkmark on

Speaker device: none
Microphone device: none
Use auto-echo canceller (AEC): checkmark off
Use auto-gain control (AGC): checkmark off
Use noise reduction: checkmark off

5) Click the "OK" button
Now the settings are completed. Please check if the static noise has decreased in volume.

The voice of the participants next to me comes with a lag. Is there any solution?

Like PHYTTER, the conference uses the server in the USA even if the conference itself is held in Japan. Therefore, there is the sound time lag.

If more than one participant is in the same conference, please use other devices such as a hands-free phone for the phone conference.

How can I get rid of the echo of my voice and the participants next to me?

There may be various causes; your voice is picked up by both your microphone and your neighbor's.
If more than one person participates in the same conference, please use other devices such as hands-free phone for phone conference.

Is there any required procedure for ones other than the host?

There is no required procedure for participants other than the host.

Please confirm the conference ID from the host, and call the conference on the scheduled time.

Are there any announcements at the scheduled closing time?

Yes. Five minutes before the closing time, you will hear an announcement in the language that the host registered PHYTTER on.

What language is the announcement going to be in?

You will hear an announcement in the language that the host registered PHYTTER on.

What is the access number when participating from cellphones or landlines?

Here are the access points for the conference: