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On this web page, frequently asked questions are listed. If there are any concerns or questions, please read this before contacting us to see if you can find answers here.


Where can I get a CALL ME number?

Please read “CALL ME—User’s Guide” then go to “Purchase CALL ME number” page to purchase.

Can I choose my CALL ME number?

Yes, you can select it from the "Number Selection" page shown upon your purchase.

How do I setup CALL ME?

No setup is required. You can use it immediately.

Is my CALL ME number shown to the other party?

If you have an American CALL ME number, it will appear on the American phone as [1-949-xxx-xxxx].

Similarly, if you have a Japanese CALL ME number, it will be shown on your Japanese phone as [03-xxxx-xxxx] or [050-xxxx-xxxx].

Can I block the caller ID function of my CALL ME number?

To make an anonymous call (or hide CALL ME number), please use select number feature after signing in to the PHYTTER web site.

From Desktop client, go to below URL and complete settings.

From iPhytter, go to

[Settings] > [Account] > Tap account > [PHYTTER Settings] > [Number Selector]

If you call to an area to which CALL ME does not belong, in that case, CALL ME number is not informed to the recipent.

How can I maintain my CALL ME number?

To maintain the same CALL ME number, you need to pay for the basic rate before it expires.

When it is expired, your CALL ME number is immediately inactive.

Only within a month from the expiration date, you can re-activate and gain the same CALL ME number. Otherwise you have no chance to acquire the same CALL ME Number.

Can I have multiple CALL ME numbers?

Yes, you can have multiple CALL ME numbers.

How long will my CALL ME number last by the month?

You can purchase a CALL ME number that lasts for a minimum of 6 months. (Up to 15 months, extention allowable)

How do you charge when calling from regular phones to a CALL ME number?

When calling the American CALL ME number [1-949-xxx-xxxx], the regular rate of that area code (949) will be charged. If you are calling from the 949 area code, it will be a local call.

If calling from other than 949 area code, it will be considered a long distance call.

The same manner is applied to the Japanese CALL ME number [03-xxxx-xxxx]. Calling from the 03 area code will be considered as a local call, and non-03 area code will be a long distance call.

“Long distance rate” depends on the phone carrier you are using, and the area you are calling from.

Please verify the actual rate with your phone carrier.

  • Just right after dialing from general phone to CALL ME number, communication fee of your phone company is generated even call is not established.
I got a call from an anonymous phone number.

If the other party blocks the caller ID and calls a CALL ME number, you will see his/her number as “anonymous.”

What is the rate from a regular phone to CALL ME (IP Phone) number?

If the CALL ME number is an IP phone number (such as 050 in Japan), the IP phone rate will be

applied. Because the IP phone rate varies depending on your carrier, please contact your phone


  • Just right after dialing from a regular phone to CALL ME number, the communication fee of your phone company is generated even if the call is not established.
If I purchase multiple CALL ME numbers, how do I receive calls to my CALL ME numbers?

You can receive the incoming calls to any CALL ME numbers on your PHYTER NAME (User ID).

If I purchase multiple CALL ME Numbers, which one will be my Caller ID?

You can select your Caller ID from CALL ME-->Number Selector.